Aprile 9, 2020


Small size and high performance telemetry antenna.
Aprile 9, 2020

CMA Encoder

Encoder, for data acquisitions in harsh environments and demanding small space areas.
Aprile 9, 2020

Best Source Selector

Select the best telemetry source, in real time.
Aprile 9, 2020

AXS 370 – AXS 550

Satellite tracking antennas LEO satellites in S / X-BAND.
Marzo 14, 2020

XMA Encoder

New generation data acquisition unit for aircraft onboard testing.
Marzo 14, 2020

Tri-Band Feed

FEED L/S/C C-BAND without compromise, field-upgradeable.
Febbraio 19, 2020


Antenna indipendente e omnidirezionale per veicoli di forma cilindrica o conica.