Aprile 14, 2020

RX-1 Receiver

Compact Telemetry Receiver. Small-size dual channel telemetry receiver.
Aprile 14, 2020

Modules for acquisition system

Data acquisition, recording e playback modules for MDR, GMDR and MDR-GT.
Aprile 14, 2020

MDR Acquisition system

Highly versatile airborne data acquisition, recording e dissemination system.
Aprile 14, 2020

MDR-GT Acquisition system

Hybrid concept for data recording e processing. The ultra-fast onboard FTI solution.
Aprile 9, 2020

Cortex RTR receiver

Radio Telemetry Receiver. The most advanced digital telemetry receiver on the market.
Aprile 9, 2020

Cortex SRS recorder

Radio Signal Recorder. Capture and reproduce the RF or IF analog signal received at the antenna, before any data processing.
Aprile 9, 2020


Small size and high performance telemetry antenna.
Aprile 9, 2020

CMA Encoder

Encoder, for data acquisitions in harsh environments and demanding small space areas.
Aprile 9, 2020

Best Source Selector

Select the best telemetry source, in real time.
Marzo 14, 2020

XMA Encoder

New generation data acquisition unit for aircraft onboard testing.